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Kannapolis Roofing Services is the best roofing company that provides a variety of services to suit every client's roofing needs. We repair, maintain, and install all types of roofs, from commercial to industrial, using materials that are preferred by our clients. We also try our best to complete any roofing job as quickly as possible because we understand how important a roof over your head is. No roofing job is too much for us!

About Us

Kannapolis Roofing Services is a roofing business that has been in operation for many years and hopes to continue doing so for many more. It is a family-owned business and we hope to always improve as it is passed down to children and grandchildren. We do however employ members from the community and we consider them family; many of them have been with us since the beginning. Roofing is our passion and source of inspiration, and we treat every roof we repair, maintain, or build with the highest level of customer service and efficiency. We are without one doubt the best in the roofing industry and we continue to improve our skills so that we remain the best!

Our Services

You will never go wrong with Kannapolis Roofing Services; our services are without a doubt the best available. Our roofers are highly skilled hardworking individuals who contribute in offering you the following services: Roof repair, roof replacement, roof installations, commercial roofing, emergency roofing services, and preventative roofing maintenance. All of these services are carried out with quality in mind. We want our customers to feel that no matter what their service requirements were met and that they were completely satisfied with every detail of the service provided.

man repairing the residential house roof

Roof Repair

We offer roof repairs on all types of roofs, no matter the type of material or the size of the roof. We do repairs on any residential home roof or commercial roofs. With us, as a roofing company, you never have to worry about those roofing repairs. We pride ourselves on having the skills to do these roof repairs. Our roofers are sent on courses often, to always improve their skills and techniques.

man installing house roof

Roof Replacement

Anyone who owns a home or company knows how expensive a roof repair can be and it is an expense that has to be made with the great consideration of all the details involved. Having to weigh the costs of repairing the roof is stressful enough, but you'll still have to consider the cost of relocating your family or the time your company will be closed. We understand all of this, which is why our roofing company focuses on providing affordable roof replacement prices and completing the job in the shortest amount of time possible.

a house with scaffolding

Roof Installation

So, you've just finished building a new house or company, and now it's time to put a roof on it! We provide this fantastic service and guarantee that we will build a roof that you will be proud of. A roof that will give you peace of mind, knowing that it was built by a professional roofing company and is therefore secure. A roof that will last a lifetime!

a commercial building with metal roof

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing problems disrupt the business's activities, resulting in lost revenue as a result of the business's closure while roof installations or replacements are completed and for anyone, this is a huge inconvenience! Kannapolis Roofing Services works hard to complete your commercial roof as quickly as possible so you can reopen those doors!

man beside the chimney fixing the house roof

Emergency Roofing Services

There are emergencies every day, and roof emergencies are no exception! Kannapolis Roofing Services will come to the rescue in the event of a roofing emergency. Lifting roof materials or leaking roofs can be a nightmare, and the damage they can cause is so much worse, but we can perform emergency repairs to prevent more damage.

a builder secures safety lines for men about to put the roof on a large commercial building

Preventative Roofing

Preventative Roofing Maintenance means carrying out regular inspections of a roof and doing any required cleaning of the roof to prevent any future damage from occurring. This is a service that our roofing company provides, and we can set up a schedule for these inspections. We can also clean your roof as part of our preventative maintenance services!


Please give us a call whenever you need roofing services and allow us to impress you right away! We are extremely proud of our emergency roofing services, as well as our other services, but please keep in mind that our emergency number is always available for any roofing emergency. Please contact us for some assistance, whether it's an emergency or just a quote.

“When I arrived at work one morning to discover that my roof had been damaged and was now leaking, I remembered hearing about Kannapolis Roofing Services from friends and decided to give them a call. They came out, inspected the damage, and gave me an on-the-spot quote, which I approved, and they then got to work on my roof repair right away. I only wanted to express my gratitude for their excellent service! – Jimmy P

“I had a roof emergency and had no idea what to do or who to contact, particularly because it was the weekend. I went online and typed in roof emergencies; Kannapolis Roofing Services came up, and I couldn't believe one of their services was Emergency Roofing Repairs! I dialled the emergency number and was greeted by a pleasant roofer. I explained my situation, and they came out to help me right away. This is a business that I will always remember and recommend to others. Thank you so much for assisting me with my emergency,” Hannah C

“Professionalism and pride in their job inspired me at Kannapolis Roofing Services. Their excellent contact with me from the beginning to the end of my roof installation was not something I expected, but it was greatly appreciated. I'm a business owner who plans to expand my company by constructing more homes and businesses, and Kannapolis Roofing Services will undoubtedly be doing all my roofs!"- Gregory M