Roof Repair

Any roof that has been damaged from either weather elements needs to be repaired urgently to avoid further damage to the roof or even worse damage to the interior of the building and its valuables inside. We fix all types of roofs, including metal roofing, shingles, aluminum, and slate roofing, at Kannapolis Roofing Services. We fix both commercial and residential roofs, so the size of the roof doesn't matter to us. So, if you have any roofs that need to be repaired, give us a call.

What do we look for while repairing a roof?


We look for broken tiles or shingles; either of these will let rain and wind into your home or business, causing a lot of damage. We check for sagging areas on your roof; this is an indication that there is substantial damage to the trusses and supports, as well as a sign that prior roof repairs were not completed correctly. Water leaks are also investigated, as they can exist even though there is no visible interior damage. Water can seep in through any small holes that only a professional roofer can see. We also look at heating and cooling quality, which may indicate that your roof isn't adequately insulating your house.

Benefits of repair a roof


You may wonder why I don't just leave the roof alone, even if it's leaking or the wind is blowing, and deal with the issue from the inside of the house, such as using buckets to collect water that is leaking through the roof and using heaters if it's cold from the wind? While this can be a quick fix, it is not a long-term solution, and you may end up wasting more money while still not solving the problem. Leaving a damaged and leaking roof will only cost you more money in the long run, as more roof damage will occur, as well as more internal damage to your home or company. So, the advantages of fixing a roof are unquestionable that you will save money and time worrying about a problem that will not go away by itself!

Costs of Repairing a Roof


The main concern with any repair, even roof repairs, is how much it will cost. At Kannapolis Roofing Services we offer affordable prices for all of our services, including all types of roof repairs. Each roof that needs to be fixed has its own set of issues, and the costs can vary accordingly. However, we must first inspect before providing you with a quote. Our roofers will also help you with any concerns that you might have about the repairs.

Estimated time to repair

There are always different factors that play a role in estimating the time required to repair a roof. For instance, a residential roof will take quicker to repair than a commercial roof, as a roof of a commercial building is of a larger scale. Kannapolis Roofing Services will always try to repair your roof in the quickest time possible.

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