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At Kannapolis Roofing Services, we provide a wide range of services that we believe are important for everyday life. Roofs are all around us, on any type of building and there is a huge variety of different roofs which can either be metal roofs, slate roofs, flat roofs, sheet metal roofing, and even asphalt roofing just to name a few. We offer affordable services on all types of these roofs. Having a good roof on your home ensures that you are safe while spending time with your family and while sleeping. A roof that is maintained also adds value to any type of property. A good roof on your company is just as important; it's where you and your employees earn money. It's also a place where you welcome customers, so a sturdy roof is important. We have a great team of roofers who are both experienced and diligent in everything they do!

We have years of roofing experience and are very proud of our locally owned roofing company. When deciding to do either roofing repairs, a roof installation, maintenance, or even in times when you need emergency roof services, you need a roofing company that is near you and that offers affordable prices and we offer all of those for you. Our services are listed below for your convenience, and we look forward to hearing from you soon about any roofing needs you might have for your home or commercial building.

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